Porta Garibaldi Station – Milan

SNCF store  – Paris, Lyon, Turin, Milan line
Client: SNCF Dirco.
AREP 2012.

For the grand opening of the Bullet Train Paris-Milan line, SNCF opened a store inside the Garibaldi station, opposite the Paris trains platform. Make the first point of sale in Italy an SNCF space with high visibility, showcasing SNCF in Italy.
Customer reception is indispensable in Italy, and will complement the current sole website point of sale (TGV-Europe.com). It is both welcoming customers, and directing them to the website.

The space is designed to convey a welcoming and caring atmosphere in a roughly 40m2 space, in the form of a glass volume, located in a passage between the hall concourse and access to train platforms.

Leveraging the interior codes, the layout introduces materials such as wood, along with new a new experience where mobile agents navigate clients around the different options available to them; unmanaged patrons can consult offers on information tablets.

Construction client: Auditoire
Photo credits: AREP & Auditoire
3D: Maxime Viarouge

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