SNCF Concept Store

Design of the new retail stores, France and International.
Client : SNCF Voyages & SNCF Dirco.
AREP 2013-3014.

Offering its customers a new shopping experience, breaking with the usual codes of SNCF outlets without conforming to the travel agency model; in short, reinventing its own codes, in accordance with its identity, is what SNCF tasked its AREP agency designers.

SNCF wanted to design a place that is part of the city/train station public space, with a significant shape continuity, while providing its customers with the comfort and warmth of a reception area. The search for a beautiful simplicity and readability trickles down into the design of furniture and common spaces.

The light was channeled into a natural and uniform color, to create a lightbox effect, which prompts to enter and provides a sense of comfort.

3D : Maxime Viarouge

  • plan-type-boutique
  • pers-type
  • elevation-mtp
  • facade
  • plan-ply
  • attente-conseil
  • attente-express