Marianne Guedin designer, Printemps Haussmann.

Store Window Scenography, “Grands Magasins”, Paris.
Marianne Guedin 2005.

A dozen artists, selected for their unique and avant-garde vision, storm the Printemps Haussmann store fronts with meeting the same challenge in mind: revisit symbols and other clichés usually attributed by foreigners to the French, in a style that characterizes them and a completely offset adaptation of these stereotypes!
Marianne, the nationalist arrogance figure, beret and baguette, cheesy romanticism, passion for soccer, the famous French kiss... all themes held dear by the foreigners imaginary will be snatched, crushed, pressed, diverted...
In a nutshell: remastered for a very... politically incorrect interpretation! An event that will focus on young talents to diligently discover (or rediscover).

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