Formes utiles Workshop with Jean-François Dingjian
Simplicity: from meaning to useful
Pyrex 2006.

Apart from the drinking glass, Pyrex is missing from the beverage set. I wanted to offer them a hot or cold beverage set, potent image for the brand with the thermal shock resistant glass technology.
Made of blown glass, Hot-Cold has a double wall sandwiching an eutectic gel cushion (freezable and microwaveable, keeping the temperature it was brought to).
I drafted two lines that incorporate this system.The object is then champagne bucket, jug and teapot.

  • cold_champagne
  • cold_details
  • cold_vue_globale
  • cold_vue_verre
  • hot_cold_champagne
  • hot_cold_citronade
  • hot_cold_details
  • hot_cold_ouvert
  • hot_cold_the
  • hot_cold_theire
  • hot_cold_vue_fermee