Chet & Fats

Guillaume Bardet’s "multi-focus" workshop
"House Air: home + cockpit"
AIR-SÛR 2009.

Major environmental and public health issues and challenges are raised by air quality concerns. This new consciousness leads to a brand-new concept: filtering home breathing air.
A complete new directory needs to be devised, with function-orientated objects. "What shape should an interior air sanitizing object have?" The gramophone, an early home sound system, finds its newest functional application: pure air diffusion. Chets and Fats are big jazz trumpet player names, Chets Baker & Fats Navarro.
Chets & Fats are two photo-catalytic air purifiers for cockpit and home uses, respectively. Fats was designed for home use, is portable and can be set in any room. While of low space footprint, it entirely renews 60 m3 (2119 ft3) of air in one hour. Its base can disassemble from the body for convenient annual maintenance: filter and bulb. Chet is a mobile purifier for car cockpit confined air cleansing: it plugs into the car outlet and creates a 6m3 (219 ft3) air bubble. Chet & Fats combine efficiency through their shapes (per Venturi effect) with low energy draw through their functionality.
Their stainless steel, ceramic and Bakelite materials deem them high quality and sustainable objects: light as air, environment friendly. Geometry and materials induce a luxury sensation towards a potentially rare and expensive resource: air.

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